Rahimullah Mojaddedi


Rahimullah Mojaddedi
Mr. Rahimullah Mojaddedi is the Chief Executive Officer for Moore Afghanistan. In January 2016 he accepted an offer to become the CEO of Afghanistan Holding Group. Prior to AHG, he served as Chief of Team for one of the largest Rule of Law programs ever, the Afghanistan Justice Sector Support Program. He has extensive experience in international development with a broad professional background. Before becoming a Rule of Law practitioner, he worked for the largest insurance company in Denmark, Tryg, from 2003-2010, played an active role in Afghan peace efforts in the late 1990s till the fall of the Taliban in 2001, and led promotion of youth education, training and professional development. Working as a professional in Asia and the West, he has adopted best ethical and work practices.

His political acumen and seasoned diplomatic & negotiating skills have enabled him to build exemplary working relationships with counterparts at all levels. His understanding of socio-economic and political tendencies and expertise in cultural and historical diversities have proved assets in managing successful businesses and engaging in meaningful international development work.
Specific areas of his professional interest include robust business development; strategic planning; change management; risk analysis & management; client relationship management; government accountability & transparency; anti-corruption; gender justice; human rights; professional ethics; civil service reform; pay and grade reform; organizational development; administrative planning and strategy; and systems development and integration.
Mr. Mojaddedi has obtained his LL.B. & LL.M. Degrees in Law & Sharia from the International Islamic University, Islamabad, and is fluent in six languages: English, Arabic, Danish, Urdu/Hindi, Dari/Farsi and Pashto.